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Wellness Exams

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Routine preventive healthcare is the most important medical decision you can make for your dog or cat. During your pet's examination, we will thoroughly check your pet's biological systems. This allows for us to establish a health and behavioral baseline, so we can be quick to see if anything goes amiss in the future. Preventive care is so important because health issues are easiest and least expensive to treat at their onset. Regular preventive care saves lives every year - if your pet hasn't had a checkup in the last 12 months, just give us a call now!


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Vaccinations are an easy, inexpensive, and important aid in keeping your pet safe and happy. During your visit, we can educate you about the vaccines that are most appropriate for your pet. There are core vaccines that are recommended for every dog or cat (such as rabies), and non-core vaccines that are recommended based on lifestyle and environmental factors. We will help set up a vaccination plan that is custom tailored to your pet's needs, and you can rest assured knowing you are keeping your pet happy, healthy, and by your side.


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By the age of three, most dogs and cats show signs of periodontal disease. Plaque forms on a dog or cat's teeth after they eat. If this is not soon brushed away, saliva will harden the plaque into tartar. This tartar will eventually make its way beneath your pet's gum line where it will create a fertile environment for bacteria to multiply. This kickstarts a chain reaction of damage to a pet's oral structures, and even spreads harmful toxins through the bloodstream to vital organs, causing higher incidences of heart, liver and kidney disease. But not to worry - periodontal disease is no match for our veterinary team! We will perform regular dental cleanings for your pet, and can help with any advanced conditions as well. If your pet hasn't had a dental checkup in the last 12 months, just give us a call and ask about your pet's mouth!

Digital Radiology

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We invest in cutting edge tools so that we can perform more effective treatment plans for your pet. Digital radiography allows us to quickly pinpoint the source of a health issue in a way that used to be difficult, costly, and time consuming. With digital radiography, we can observe the internal structures of your pet's body. It allows us to examine abnormalities, fractures, growths, and more.


We have an in house laboratory that allows for us to perform modern diagnostics for your dog or cat. This allows for us to screen for many health conditions and perform faster and more effective treatment plans.

Parasite Control

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Parasites can erode the quality of life for dogs and cats, and many pets suffer silently. Fortunately, they are usually easy to treat. We will examine your pet for any of the subtle yet telltale signs of parasites, and can help provide you with options for parasite prevention.


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Every year, countless dogs and cats go missing in the Irvington area. If a pet is microchipped, the chance they return safely home is dramatically increased. This is because collars are often unattached from a pet after they run off. A microchip is a safe, inexpensive, and trustworthy way of ensuring your information is always fixed to your pet. It is about the size of a grain of rice, is as easy to implant as a vaccine injection, and every veterinary clinic and shelter has microchip readers, which can be very helpful in tracking down a lost pet's owner. If your pet is not yet microchipped, just give us a call and schedule an appointment.

Small Animal Services

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